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Safari Supper 2013 Raises £400
Village Hall
Watercolour of the village hall
Your Village Hall

The Village Hall, which is situated at the bottom of Hannah's Lane, was officially opened on Wednesday, 10th December 1913 at 2:30 in the afternoon by Mrs. Graves-Knyfton of Uphill Manor. A contemporary newspaper article, originally published on Friday 12th December 1913, describes the opening ceremony in detail.

The 'New Hall', as it was known was originally owned by a group of worthy villagers who had contributed to its cost.  However, during the 1970's the trusteeship was given over to the Village Hall Committee. 

Hiring the Hall

The Village Hall is available for hire for a variety of purposes.  Certain events (see the list below) are charged at a standard rate irrespective of how long the Hall is in use; for events not contained in this list, the hiring fee is based on an hourly rate (currently £7.00 per hour).

Standard events and their respective hiring fees are as follows:

 Provision of a Lunch  £55.00*
 Provision of a Tea £30.00*
 Provision of a Supper  £55.00*
 Holding a Funeral Reception  £50.00*
 Holding a Quiz £55.00
 Holding a Family Party £65.00*
 Holding a Children's Party £30.00
 Shows £30.00


If food is being provided, the Friendly Society's white crockery and cutlery is available for use subject to a donation of £10.00.  This donation should be passed to the Friendly Society's honorary treasurer, Tony Shepherd. 


2008 Village Hall Coffee Morning
On Friday, 6th June a coffee morning was held at Kings Hay to raise funds for the Village Hall.  John and Elizabeth Barkle hosted in excess of 70 visitors during the morning and thanks to them, their son and a few of their hard-working friends, the event raised the grand sum of £325.

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