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Comments and suggestions about our web site are always welcome. Or you may have news or questions about the village and/or past residents. 

Whatever you’d like to say, please enter it in the message box below and click on Submit (see below message box for recent entries or click here).

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miller2.jpg (17539 bytes)Our call for information about the Hardwich family (see bottom of page) was answered recently by Mary Miller from the USA. She visited the village at the beginning of September, and is seen here with her son (left) and Jan Fisher at some of the Hardwich graves in the churchyard. Further research is needed to see whether she is  a descendent, and will be reported as soon as we have any more information.
Miller.jpg (21911 bytes)
Date From Message
27/2/06 Julian Card Hello, I have recently done research on my family tree, and have found my ancestors all came from the Westbury area. Does anyone know of any cards left in the Westbury. Thanks,  cardjchooker@aol.com
7/2/06 Bill Vowles I am trying to trace my family history. My 2 x times great grandparents were the licencees of the Horse and Groom. There names were James and Sarah Vowles. Sarah's maiden name was Wall. My main problem is the parents of James, as I have been unable to trace them. Please can anyone help me. Thanking you in advance, Bill Vowles (bvowles@tiscali.co.uk
11/08/04 Simon Martin Good Day to you. I have recently became secretary of Langport and District Friendly Society and I was just browsing through the net and came across you website and I was fascinated. What a great website, Who knows we may follow suit soon. Kind Regards..
17/07/04 Garry Harvey All I can say is what wonderful place with beautiful views and friendly people.
11/07/04 Alan & Linda Mailer Visited Westbury for the day -great time fantastic hospitality at the Sealys.
01/06/04 John Neads I still read the site about every 2 weeks. Congratulations on the new format as it comes out well particularly full screen'. Who is the wassailer centre page? Regards John
11/04/04 Dave Lankenau I grew up in Westbury in the 70's and 80's, now live in Canada- hello to the villaGE PEOPLE!!
16/12/03 Derek and Hilary Parker A message to you all in the village wishing you a peaceful joyful Christmas and new year God Bless you all.
11/09/03 Mary Miller I wanted to thank everyone for the warm greeting my son and I received in your village.  We enjoyed the visit very much, and wish we could have stayed longer.
14/06/03 Nick Field

I was just having a quick surf around and I came across the Web Site. I have to be honest, the old man constantly reminds me to have a look. This is partly due to the fact that his 'Ugly Mug' seems to be featured quite regularly (Still, better this than Crime Watch UK!!!) On a serious note, this fantastic site brings back countless memories of long hot summers, lunch times at the Westbury and BBQ's over at the Old Stores. (These became famous throughout the village and happened every Sunday without fail....for all those who had a love for Beer and Burgers!) A lot of the old group have moved on, but the one thing that still remains are the great memories. Still known to most as Westbury-sub-Mendip.........but known to the rest of the old group as....Westbury-sub-Normal! The Site looks great. Regards to all in the village. 

18/02/03 Emma

hiya iv lived in westbury for 7 years and its WDK

14/02/03 Betsy Thain-Gewin (née Hooper) and Richard

My family has always been told that we were direct descendants from Bishop Hooper, although we have always been doubtful about his son. Did he have one and was his name Daniel?  Can anyone provide a direct link about him? I am looking forward to your reply. 

29/01/03 John Neads
New Zealand

I put together these few lines in appreciation of the Westbury village web page. In my childhood Sunday afternoons was often a time when parents decided it was time to visit relatives and we went too! For some visits we had to sit still and listen (bored to tears) but there were also those other places where the outside was for exploring.

    Here on the other side of the world by the marvels of technology I can visit some of those places again through the village web pages, aerial photography, maps and voters lists.  There will always be change, and that in some cases is alteration beyond recognition but in others there is still similarity enough to create interest in people and happenings.

   Sunday afternoon is my time to 'surf' and Westbury which I can still recognise provides one of the best pages for the variety of its content and presentation.  The article by Bill Tyley for example evoked many memories of the hamlet the other side of Shepton where  I lived  albeit temporarily, whilst the Pew and other items give a colourful picture of every day life.  Your efforts are marvellous.  

10/01/03 Derek and Hilary Parker

A big hello to all in the Village we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and that the New Year will be peaceful and kind to you all especially Fr. Ewan and his family and all at Stoneleigh House. Hope to visit again later in the year. 


Jan Fisher

Thank you for the seasonal page, enhancing what is an excellent web site. The village should be proud. Hope you all have a great time over the Christmas period. 



Pam Mulle


Last week the Wells Journal kindly published my letter, seeking information about my great great grandfather John Godfrey Hooper ( a direct descendant of Bishop John Hooper who was burnt at the stake in 1555). A lady now living in Street has kindly written to say that she recalls as a young girl, about the time of 1938,  a Godfrey Hooper and his sister, running a small shop in your village. With them was an elder Mr Hooper who was a taxidermist. We are sure that the latter gentleman was Charles, the sixth child of my great great grandparents, who was born in Wells in 1852. We have been looking at your most impressive web site, and wondered whether someone might be able to point us in a direction which might lead to more information. 
8/11/02 Lin Chandler
(née Lukins)
New Zealand
Belated Birthday greetings to my Uncle, Tom Hole - Hope you had a great Birthday, love & best wishes, Lin, Phil, Laura, Amy & Hannah 
6/9/02 Jon Smith I am looking for a guy called Steve Baber who I believe originates from the Westbury area. He was in the RAF and served at such stations as RAF Locking, RAF Wittering and RAF Wildenrath in the 1970s and 80s. I was at both Wittering and Wildenrath with Steve and I am trying to arrange a reunion. I would be most grateful if anybody knows of his whereabouts or can point me in his direction. 
25/08/02 Philip Hawthorn My wife and I are planning to move out of London to Somerset. Having both lived in friendly village communities in the past, we are keen to begin this next stage of our life in one. We looked at a property in Westbury this week and, whilst we were thinking about offering, I found your website. It's fantastic! The village has everything we could ever wish for, and we're now hoping that everything works out for our move.
30/07/02 Liz Vincent
Hello from downunder I have just found the marriage of my gr gr gr grandfather John HALLIFAX to Ann DIXON in Dalston Wesmorland in 1827. John was a schoolmaster. In the parish register marriage entry it shows his abode was Westbury County of Somerset and Diocese of Bristol. He was 25 years old. I was wondering how I could find out whether he was teaching in Westbury at that time and where. I tried to go through to the library and archives link but the message said it was an incorrect address. ??? Can you help please? Regards Liz Vincent 02 46772044 P.O. Box 111 Picton NSW Australia 2571 
27/07/02 Derek and Hilary Parker We came to the Village on 7-9 July in sombre frame of mind My father was fostered there in 1917-18 and was baptised in the Church Our visit was to scatter his ashes as Ewan Po Wo and Wendy and Tony at Stonleigh House know. We left the Village very uplifted and can only thank you all for your friendship and kindness. If anyone in the Village can provide any information about Herbert and Annie Horlock who lived at Perch Hill House during those years please please let us know.
   A truly memorable visit despite the weather staying at Stonleigh House with Wendy and Tony A most joyous time spent with the Reverend and his family .Very many thank to you all for making our visit to your lovely village that much more special at a time of much sadness We look forward to revisiting fantastic web site. 
2/07/02 Robert Harris A former resident of the village, Parish Councillor and general layabout, bar proper-upper in the Inn, founder member and erstwhile star of the Footlights, ... ( remember Murder in The Red Barn ? )and so on.. I so enjoyed visiting this EXCELLENT site.. and congratulate whoever runs it... BRILLIANT... brought back many many happy memories. All happiness to the best village in Somerset,and maybe the world !
27/06/02 Rafael Spiegel
Hallo every body. I'm the brother of Bernie Waters-Spiegel, who is living in Westbury. Really a nice web-site you have. I hope, to come soon over to England to see all this in nature, of course mostly my sister, John and the girls. I wish you all the best, with greetings from Kappel-Olten/Switzerland to Westbury/England. Rafael  
11/06/02 Bernadette Waters What a brilliant website. It makes me even prouder to be a resident. Great to see some of the Golden Jubilee Party pictures on it. Well done!
20/01/02 Roy & Gill Bond This is a good site to visit. Very nice little village pub.
5/01/02 Dorothy & Graham Morgan
This site just gets better and better. The Christmas intro to a Somerset village brought a smile to my face. Keep up the good work on an interesting and informative site Best Wishes from Australia for 2002.   
15/10/01 Rachael Montague What a brilliant site! - well done keep up the good work.
22/9/01 Peter Bright
Sri Lanka.
Many thanks for the umbrella which gets used for rain or sun nearly every day. Internet connection is proving difficult to sort out so this is my first attempt to connect from home that looks as if it might be successful. Letter from Kandy is on the way to being produced. 
9/9/01 Rick Stock
My name's Rick Stock, I live in California, USA. Bill Gadd was my uncle, his sister Vera was my mother. I used to visit Billy, Peggy and their daughter Janet when I was growing up in Weston-super-Mare. I haven't been to Westbury for at least 30 years. So glad to see your website! If anyone remembers the Gadd family and has any info on them please contact me. Once again, G-R-E-A-T Website !! Rick Stock. 
14/5/01 Joyce Legg
Hope one day to revisit Westbury-sub-Mendip and our old friends Dennis and Sandra Smith It is so nice to be able to at least visit your website! We live in Burgess Hill.West Sussex and as we get older the distance seems to get longer! 
27/03/01 Paul Hussey May I say hi from the Village of Cowplain in Hampshire, England & may I say your site is the Bee's Knees!!! Many moons ago I used to display Fine Art Prints at Craft Fairs,Dog shows & Cat Shows in villages & Towns all over England but I now have a hobby website which your Villagers/Surfers may be interested in visiting where I have over 600 pictures on display of Antique/Modern: Louis Wain 1860-1939 FunnyCats/Pets/Dogs/Owls/Wildlife/ Decoupage/Victoriana/Cat Breeds/Horses/ Collectables in Fine Art Prints.I shall be adding more Artwork all through 2001 & beyond-so please enjoy! http://clix.to/fabprints  
20/3/01 Virginia Doonan
Pomona,  USA 
I am researching my great, great, grandfathers family. His name was John Ash, b. 27 May 1824, Westbury, SOM. He married 22 Oct 1849, Anne Morgan, b. 15 Jan 1831, Easton, St Cuthbert, SOM. I am understand that they were buried in the yard of their home and not at the Parish. I am looking to locate that place and possibly pay someone to take a couple of pictures for me. I understand that a transcript of all the memorial stones in Westbury Parish Church list: ref 13023, Kerbstone. Does anyone have any information in regards to the above? 
9/02/01 Hannah Travers Hello Everyone, I thought I would drop you all a line from Mexico to let you know how I am. The weather is absolutely fantastic, I am living in a remote village so I didn´t find it too hard to settle in. I am having to cope without electricity, running water, or a telephone; but this weekend all the Outreach International volunteers are meeting in Puerto Vallarta for a day of whale watching and a bit of a break. The school I am working in is a secondary school with about 45 pupils. My partner and I teach English three times a week as well as P.E. and anything else we are asked to. I have received post from home and it´s nice to hear that people are asking after me. It is spectacular here but I won,t be sad to back in Westbury in May. 
14/11/00  Sophie Pollard (aged 11) I just want to say that since I moved here in 1998 I have noticed what a nice place Westbury is, and hi to everyone! 
31/10/00 Dorothy & Graham
Hello from downunder -great website - enjoyed browsing - brought back memories - I was born in Wells, now living in Oz. 
WANTED Hardwich
Believed to have left England around 1900, possibly living in South Africa or Australia. Your ancestors helped restore our Church in the nineteenth century. It still contains interesting artefacts and tombs of you ancestors. For further info contact the church wardens on: +44 (0) 1749 870559.

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